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2181必發88: Russian CG in Guangzhou praises Nansha for anti-epidemic efforts


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类别:国家森林公园,岑山,乐章,大地,江西 岑山国家森林公园位于江西省横峰县境内,公园环抱城区,被称为“城市天然氧吧”。  12月8日消息,据国外媒体Wired报道,目前科技行业或媒体把越来越多的产品与人工智能扯上关系,实际上,这些产品中人类发挥的作用超过了它们自身的智能化程度。时间:2016-10-1615:52:50来源:贵阳网-贵阳晚报为纪念红军长征胜利80周年,省委宣传部、省委党史研究室、省军区政治部主办,贵阳市委宣传部、贵阳美术馆协办的“红军长征在贵州”图片展将于10月17日至10月31日在贵阳美术馆(中山西路65号,大西门星力百货对面)举行。贵阳城区的街名路名就具有这样的特点。

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2020-May-9       Source: www.sbc188.com www.155485.com

Mitypov Vladimir, Russian Consul General in Guangzhou, and his delegation visited Guangzhou’s Nansha District and attended a panel meeting with local officers and expats living in the district on May 7th.

Mitypov Vladimir, Russian?Consul?General?in Guangzhou, and his delegation visited Guangzhou’s Nansha District and attended a panel meeting with local officers and expats living in the district on May 7th, aiming to gain insight into the local epidemic control efforts and the services provided to the foreign residents.

Xing Hua, senior officer of Nansha government, said Nansha has more than 700 foreign employees. The district adopted various methods to approach the foreign residents and provide solutions to their demands during the epidemic.

“We gave out multilingual pamphlets about our epidemic control measures and set up a 24-hour Chinese and English bilingual hotline to offer consultant services,” said Xing, “we also visited door to door so that we can provide expats what they need or response to their inquiries as soon as possible.”

The delegation also toured to Cloudwalk Technology Co., Ltd and IFLYTEK South China Institute of AI and observe how the tech companies are resuming businesses after the epidemic.

Mitypov Vladimir said this is the fourth time he visited Nansha. He was surprised by the changes taken place in the area since 2017 when he came here for the first time, with busier traffic, more advanced technologies and new enterprises. He praised Nansha’s development and expressed his gratitude to the services it provided to expats. Russian Consulate General in Guangzhou will continuously pay close attention to Nansha, looking for cooperation.

Kasereka Mafutamingi Muyisa, a volunteer from the D.R. Congo, said the community workers had been very friendly to him and his family during the quarantine at home. He considers Nansha as his second hometown and hope to help more people in the district.


Author: Jasmine, Zoey (intern)

Editor: Keane

Editor: Nan

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